1. Capture Your Business’s Story By Investing In Professional Photography Services

    2023-04-21 04:30:02 UTC
    Creating a lasting impression on your customers starts with visuals. Professional photography services provide you with the opportunity to capture and showcase your business in the best light possible. From gaining increased visibility to establishing credibility, investing in professional photography services can help your business reach its full potential. Read…

  2. Photography Studio Apple Box Alternative

    2019-11-19 06:59:00 UTC
    Recently, I opened my photography studio in downtown Pendleton, Oregon. Slowly, I’ve been building a collection of backdrops and posing accessories. Apple Boxes are widely used in photography and film for stage props and posing tools. While building my studio, I quickly become familiar with these and see them in…

  3. SAAL Professional Line Photobook Review

    2019-11-10 07:53:00 UTC
    In the past few weeks, I have been transitioning from an at-home portrait photography studio to a new location in downtown Pendleton, Oregon, on Main Street. The new site opens the door for a ton of new opportunities, and with that in mind, I have been on the lookout for…

  4. Beware of Photographer and Full-time Scammer Tony Le-Britton

    2018-10-02 06:02:00 UTC
    Beware of Photographer and Full-time Scammer Tony Le-Britton More like Tony Le-Fraud, this acclaimed British photographer is actually the hair, beauty, and fashion industry’s top scammer. Sure, he does have an impressive portfolio and is known for his talent, but you must interact with him as cautiously as you…

  5. Meet 16 year old self-taught artist, Phan Dang Hoang

    2017-02-12 20:29:00 UTC
    “The moment I pick up the pencil is always the best moment of my life.” ~ Phan Dang Hoang At three years of age, Phan Dang Hoang picked up the pencil for the first time. Thirteen years later, his talents have captured the attention of the art community, not only…

  6. Whitney Minthorn at Pendleton Center for the Arts

    2017-02-04 10:41:00 UTC
    IN THE EAST OREGONIAN GALLERY NOW:Please join us for an Opening ReceptionThursday, February 9, 5:30-7:00pm February 2 - 25, 2017 “An artist who is seeing international success is making the 7000 mile trip back to Pendleton in February to share photographic works that celebrate transformation and the retouching process. Whitney…

  7. 2016 Pendleton Round-Up • Pentax 67ii

    2016-09-23 03:55:00 UTC
    I was born and raised outside of a small cowboy-Indian town on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Life in Pendleton is usually simple and quiet, with the exception of our 1-week long historical rodeo known as the Pendleton Round-Up. During this week our town becomes vibrant and full of life Acosia…

  8. Film vs. Digital - Pentax 67ii & Nikon d810

    2016-08-16 04:47:00 UTC
    As a digital retoucher I’m on the computer 24/7 retouching client photos (and I love it), but it often leaves me with little time to retouch my own work. From observation, I knew film color usually better forms the start and I could use that as an advantage to cut…

  9. PORTLAND2016: Biennial of Contemporary Art

    2016-07-10 19:06:00 UTC
    I’m a high-end photo retoucher specializing in beauty, portrait & fashion. Flaws Becomes Art is an ongoing personal project of mine which focuses on the retouching process and transformation. I use Photoshop as a tool to apply techniques that have been used in darkrooms since the beginning of photography. I…

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