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  1. 2016 Pendleton Round-Up • Pentax 67ii

    23 Sep 2016

    I was born and raised outside of a small cowboy-Indian town on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Life in Pendleton is usually simple and quiet, with the exception of our 1-week long historical rodeo known as the Pendleton Round-Up. During this week our town becomes vibrant and full of life Acosia…

  2. Film vs. Digital - Pentax 67ii & Nikon d810

    16 Aug 2016

    As a digital retoucher I’m on the computer 24/7 retouching client photos (and I love it), but it often leaves me with little time to retouch my own work. From observation, I knew film color usually better forms the start and I could use that as an advantage to cut…

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